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Kansas City, MO – May 16-17, 2018

The definitive digital marketing gathering


Digital Summit Kansas City 2017 thought leaders and visionaries included...

Mackenzie Fogelson - Genuinely
Mack Fogelson
Mathew Sweezey - Salesforce
Mathew Sweezey
Amy Hu - H&R Block
Amy Hu
H&R Block
David Shing - AOL
David Shing
Judy Bloch - Citi
Judy Bloch
Laura Wilson - Georgetown University
Laura Wilson
Georgetown University
Michael King - iPullRank
Mike King
Amy Greber - American Red Cross
Amy Greber
American Red Cross
Michael Barber - barber&hewitt
Michael Barber
John Auble - Wells Fargo Advisors
John Auble
Wells Fargo Advisors
Bryan Williamson - Hallmark Cards
Bryan Williamson
Hallmark Cards
Carlos Gil - BMC Software
Carlos Gil
Gil Media Co
Brent Niemuth - Bonfire5
Brent Niemuth
Ryan Phelan - Adestra
Ryan Phelan
Shawn Pfunder - GoDaddy
Shawn Pfunder
Matt Hertig - Channel Mix
Matt Hertig
Channel Mix
Brendan Walsh - Mole Street
Brendan Walsh
Mole Street
Thom Craver - CBS News
Thom Craver
CBS News

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Former speakers & attendee include brands like

“Wow. Knew I’d learn a lot here, but this surpassed all expectations. Highly recommend Digital Summit to all marketers, everywhere!”

– 2017 Digital Summit attendee

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