Branded Podcast Explosion: 5 Strategies to Stand Out and Deliver Brand ROI

It seems brands are entering the podcast world in droves. Marketing leaders are curious how a podcast channel might enhance a brand message or serve as yet another amplification channel.

News flash: Well-executed and high-performing branded podcasts have teams behind them who have taken the time to understand the many nuances of podcasting – especially as a brand – and have strategically made moves that have made them successful today. Join this session to understand these nuances, decide if a branded podcast is right for you, and take necessary steps to set your brand up for success with podcasting.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the purpose and nuances of a branded podcast
  • Decide if a podcast is a good fit for your brand
  • Implement the steps necessary to set your brand up for success with podcasting

This session is for digital marketers in charge of owned channels and developing content strategies, or anyone looking to explore emerging digital marketing channels.