Creating Branded Social Content for Gen Z – Like Gen Z

Gen Z has seen it all. No, literally. As this generation comes of age in the marketplace, they bring with them a long history of navigating the noisy jungle of social media platforms to develop a sixth-sense for evading traditional marketing campaigns. Are you looking to appeal to the first generation of true digital natives? Do you want to learn how to make breakthrough creative social content that works smarter, not harder? Are you tired of finicky algorithms keeping your branded content in the dark? This session provides case studies and proven tactics from both small startups and leading global brands to inspire your next wave of branded content, strategically designed to capture Gen Z’s valuable (and fleeting!) attention.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the meaning of ‘social-first’ creative
  • Conceptualize effective social-first content for your brand
  • Develop strategies to better engage and co-create with influencers

This session is for digital marketers who would like to understand how to optimize their social creative to be more effective and engaging.