How to Mitigate SEO Risks for Website Launches

Unfortunately, SEO is often an afterthought or is an underappreciated seat at the table for teams charged with building a new website. Too many times, SEO is brought in too late in the process or after the website goes live. There are minimal steps that need to be taken during the process of launching a new site, like setting up proper redirects. Beyond that, there are other factors that can make or break SEO in a new website. With the long-term nature of SEO, it is critical to minimize risk and put all possible measures in place to preserve equity and attempt to avoid drops during indexing and ranking of the new site. This session will unpack specific tactics that need to be considered for a new site launch plan to incorporate SEO in a helpful, not hurtful way.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Know the specific risks to avoid and steps to take to factor SEO into your website relaunch
  • Customize SEO steps and plan for your specific stakeholders and technology needs
  • Understand how SEO and other disciplines need to work together pre and post-site launch

This session is for digital marketers and anyone involved in website projects who want to understand how to avoid SEO issues with web launches and see their projects successfully completed.