Podcasts + Marketing: The Missing Link in Content Marketing

Podcasts are efficient, (can be) low cost, and the perfect medium for content marketing, brand awareness and humanizing your brand. By involving your brand in podcasts, you’re opening up to new audiences, organic growth and a brilliant tool for branding. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to grow your professional network by inviting esteemed guests to participate. In this session, we’ll discuss the strategic value of podcasting and dive into the business case for podcasts including positioning, goals, key performance indicators, and how to setup a successful podcast program that won’t break the bank, but will drive results.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the role of podcasts in content marketing strategy
  • Determine metrics for success
  • Learn what you should be podcasting about (and what to avoid)
  • Be prepared for the investment you’ll need to make in order to be successful