It’s Not All Bad: How Shifts in Privacy Will Supercharge Your Email Strategy

Between Google’s announcement to end support for third-party cookies and Apple’s announcement of iOS 15, privacy changes present a major shift in how digital marketers will connect to potential buyers. But as digital advertising options change, email has the opportunity to take center stage in the buyer journey. With email offering both a massive source of first-party data and a direct, personalized connection with buyers, determining how, when, and what to email will become a critical step in crafting a successful, results-driven email strategy. This session will provide a roadmap for building an email-first digital strategy, from opt-in acquisition to repeat purchases and everything in between.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Craft emails buyers want to receive
  • Create a holistic email strategy targeted to your buyer journey
  • Leverage email as a marketing tactic outside the inbox

This session is for digital marketers looking to better integrate email marketing into their overall digital strategies and for email marketers looking for inspiration beyond batch and blast email sends.