Transcend the Funnel: How Click-to-Human Technology Will Validate ROI Through Conversational Content

Prepare to head into the future state of content marketing with this enlightening session. In it, we will address the topic of leveraging thoughtful methods and innovative technologies for your content marketing efforts toward sales and marketing alignment, lead generation, better quality customer relationships, and more. If you’re a fearless digital marketer who is looking for ways to break down silos, streamline production efforts, build brand awareness, create better campaigns, and you’re ready to innovate, this session is for you.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Align the needs of sales and marketing through the same piece of content
  • Think beyond lead generation forms and know how to develop stronger relationships through your content without having to send a single email
  • Rethink your content marketing strategy, leveraging emerging technology to start the next phase of your journey