Using Data to Drive Email Marketing Relevance… and Revenue

Marketing is all about the data these days, especially first party data in 2022. But gathering, analyzing, interpreting, and using data to create relevance and timeliness in email campaigns can be easier to “preach” than to execute.

This session will help you turn data into a useful tool for creating marketing programs, including the latest methodology and technology you need to gather customers’ insights and transform that data into personalized emails at scale.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Choose data to use in email that impacts the bottom line, a.k.a. bolsters email ROI
  • Acquire data so that it’s ready to use in marketing and sales, while honoring your customers’ expectations
  • Care for your first party data in today’s privacy-obsessed and preference-led world
  • Use data to determine the content of your email marketing, through personalization or segmentation