What is Social Media in 2020?!

It’s a crazy era to be in digital marketing and communications. Brands pretend to be human online. Instagram is losing its likes. The Pentagon blocked TikTok. The FTC is redefining the definition of an “ad.” And influencers are using #ad even when they aren’t being paid! In era of demetrification, deepfakes, A.I. and #sponcon, what even is social media as we look at the year to come? Join Fallon’s head of digital and social, Greg Swan, for a conversation about the trends to watch in the coming year, and real-world examples of how leaders, creatives and strategists are adapting to the changing nature of our industry. This session is for digital marketers of all backgrounds who want to understand where social media is headed in the years to come.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how today’s social media channels impact your content and advertising
  • Use consumers’ behavioral changes with content and engagement to inform your marketing efforts
  • Develop modern, compelling, creative social media strategies that drive results